Armored Cat.6A Cables (Anti-Rodent)


Plugsters has developed both Armored & Armored Pro Cat.6a patch cables, which are designed to be used in harsh environments where rats and other rodents potentially damage cables. They are also anti crush and electrical interference resistant and are for outdoor use.

Key Features

1. Interlocking SUS 304 stainless steel armored PE jacket cable for maximum armored protection.

2. PE inner jacket for UV resistant and water proof for outdoor and indoor use.

3. 26AWG regular STP PiMF cable with OD:7.8mm; 32AWG slim STP PiMF cable with OD:5.0mm.

4. Ideally for areas where cables are susceptible to rodent damage, crushing & electrical interference.

5. Fluke DSX 8000 Channel tested @ 500 MHz.

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