Loaded Adapter Panels

Plugsters loaded adapter panels come equipped with the essential adapters required to connect your fiber-optic network. Our loaded adapter panels are available in all 12 fiber optic cable jacket colors.

6 Fiber Panel
8 Fiber Panel
12 Fiber Panel
24 Fiber Panel
6 Fiber 10 Gig
12 Fiber 10 Gig
24 Fiber 10 Gig
Connector TypeCable Type
ST/PC MM Simplex (Only)
ST/PC SMSimplex (Only)
ST/APC SMSimplex (Only)
ST/APC MMSimplex (Only)
FC/UPC MMSimplex (Only)
FC/UPC SMSimplex (Only)
SC/UPC SMSimplex and Duplex
SC/APC SMSimplex and Duplex
SC/UPC MMSimplex and Duplex
LC/UPC SMSimplex and Duplex
LC/UPC MMSimplex and Duplex
SC/UPC QuadSimplex and Duplex
SC/UPC 10 GigSimplex and Duplex
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