Armored ROBOTICS CABLE – Bulk Reels



Optical Fiber

Fiber type

single mode fiber

Fiber core number

6 core

Nominal core diameter

9 μm

Cladding diameter







Out of roundness of cladding



Steel OD



Jacket material

Flexible PVC

Jacket color


Finished Dimensions



nanoFIBER NFR6-A2-PVC + meter mark + spec

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nanoFiber High Flex Stainless Steel Armored ROBOTICS CABLE

Fiber Type: 6 strand single mode tight buffered 657.A2

Applications: Fixed/mobile industrial applications, Elevator, Robotics, etc.

General Characteristics

  • Bending radius:
    Fixed installation: 20*D
    Mobile installation: Stroke≥10M: 30*DStroke<10M: 25*D
  • Temperature range:
    Static installation: -15°C to +70°C Dynamic installation: -5°C to +70°C
  • Bending cycles: more than 5 million times

Armored Robotics Cables are often just an afterthought in work cells. After the end-of-arm tooling is selected, the programming is done, and safety mechanisms are installed, the last thought is usually the cabling. Robotic Cables are the component that will give the work cell the most trouble, so engineering them later will be more difficult. If cable routing is engineered during the design of the work cell, integrators can plan for them correctly. You can call the Plugsters engineering team for help and guide you with your  Armored Robotics Cabling projects.

Bulk Reels

200', 300', 400', 500', 750', 1,000', 1,500', 2,000', 2,500', 3,000'


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