Slide-Out Fiber Distribution Units 3RU


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Slide-Out Fiber Distribution Units 3RU

4 trays

5.25″H x 17″W x 14.0″D

.060” Powder Coated Aluminum

Weight: 7.25 lb.

Rack Mount 3RU in height slide out master splice tray support panel

Color: Black






Armored Cable, 900uM, 2mm, 3mm

Splice Count

12, 24, 36

Adapter Type

LC Duplex MM, LC/APC Duplex SM, LC Duplex 10Gig, SC Duplex MM, SC Duplex SM, SC Simplex MM, SC Simplex SM, SC Simplex 10Gig, SC Duplex 10Gig, SC/APC Duplex SM, SC/APC Simplex SM, FC SM, FC MM, ST 12 Port MM, ST 12 Port SM, ST 6 Port MM, ST 6 Port SM


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