Connectors and Add-Ons

We carry a wide variety of connectors for all your cable repair needs.

SC Connector 3mm Round Drop
SC Connector 2x3mm Flat Drop
SC Connector 2mm Round Patch
SC Connector 0.9mm Round Tight Buffer
SC UPC 3mm Round Drop Screw Connector
Indoor Closure 2x3mm Round Drop SOL-200/201/202/203
Outdoor Closure 2x3mm Flat Drop SOL-211
Indoor Closure 3mm Round Drop SOL-220
Automatic Chip Box 2-Step Cleaver SOL-FC-10
Manual Chip-Box-2-Step-Cleaver SOL-FC-20
Optical Cable Termination Kit SOL-OCT
Plugsters Connector Maker SOL-1000
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