What’s Driving Sales For Fiber Optic Installers?

Fiber optic cabling is changing the world and countries are investing $Billions of dollars in their broadband infrastructure. Look where the US stands in this market.

Fiber Optic Technology is the backbone of the Internet

What’s Driving Sales For Fiber Optic Installers? It’s All Listed Here!

Glass fibers enable supper high data rates transfers. Researchers at NTT organization in Japan have shown data transfer rates of 768Tbit/s down a cable with 30 fiber cores.

Optical data cables are laid across every ocean. These repeaters are amplifiers using fibers doped with elements such as erbium to boost the data signals as they travel the globe. Surviving at the depth of the oceans and in the most hostile environments on earth, the fibers and repeaters connect up all the nodes of the Internet, delivering petabytes of data every day.

The fibers also connect every data center in the world. This provides fast ways in and out to deliver billions of apps and services to smartphones, and other devices. All this data is delivered quickly and easily into data centers for analysis and monitoring equipment around the world.

Delivering data

Optical fibers have a huge impact on homes around the world as well. While data rates increase yearly over copper cables with tens of megabits, optical fibers provide gigabits into the home. This has driven the revolution of on-demand video streaming. Despite the hostile environment, armored optical fibers to the home and office provide higher reliability than twisted pair or coax copper wire cables with lower cable costs and impact on the environment.

What’s Driving Sales For Installers In Fiber Optic Technology?


  • Increased penetration of internet,
  • Rising government funds for the development of broadband infrastructure,
  • Intense research investments by the companies for development of innovative
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