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Do you know how important is to maintain a fiber connector? Having a clean connector is one of the most important procedures in the conservation of a fiber optic system. This is important for the quality of keeping secure good connections.

Any small particle of dust, lint, oil or any other dirt that gets on the end of the connector will drastically interrupt the correct function of the signal that is being sent over the fiber.

Improper maintenance of the cables can also cause other problems such as scratching the glass surface, instability in the laser system, and a misalignment between the fiber cores.

So, the questions is: What do I need to do to clean my fiber optic? Simple!:

Before beginning the cleaning process, make sure the cable is disconnected on both ends and turn off any laser sources. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and check the connectors before you clean them.

Step 1: Inspect the fiber optic connector, component, or bulkhead with a fiberscope.

Step 2: If the connector is dirty, clean it with a dry cleaning fiber optic cleaning cloth. This procedure consists of using a reel-based cassette cleaner with medium pressure. Wipe the connector end face against the dry cleaning cloth in one direction. This step must be done in both parts of the fiber optic and can be repeated at least two times. Cleaning cloths and solvents are available on this site.

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